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The following poem was submitted by Advocate George Majoue.  He shared it at a recent CASA presentation to a Kiwanis Club and asked to share it with you.

my child, my boy

george j majoue



my child, my boy

tossed like a dirty, ragged toy

your hair so fair

touch it i shall not dare

your eyes so distant

within there is no resistance

you sit all alone

while your ma laughs on the phone

you look through the glass

watching others play in the grass

you suddenly feel a pinch on the back of your neck

you ma yells to you “what the heck?

don’t you know i work all day?

answer me, boy, you got nothing to say?

go to your room and close the door

i don’t want to see you any more

don’t you let me see a tear in your eye

you know i’ll give you something for which to cry

now go and git away

you know i git busy this time of day”

the boy’s in his room lying on the floor

when he hears someone knock on the front door

he tries to hear what’s going on

and suddenly begins to shake cause it’s his ma’s john

he hides in his closet as best as he can

he’s been beat and hit and bruised by the man

they are quiet yet he still hears their giggles

he knows what they are doing and he begins to wiggle

time passes by and he dozes off

until he is awakened by a deep, ugly cough

the john grabs him and drags him out

the smell of beer and spittle spew from his mouth

“you think you smart hiding in there like that

don’t you know i’m sneakier than a cat

now take your clothes off and come here to me

i have something i want you to be”

the tears in the boy’s eyes and the beat of his heart

blur his vision as he plans to try and dart

away from the man without shoes on his feet

running as fast as he can into the street

he sees a familiar face but doesn’t know his name

he’s the man teaching the others how to play the ball game

he raced and ran as fast as can be

until he grabbed the man just atop his knee

the coach was startled by the shaking of the boy

his clothes were tattered as if he were a ragged toy

the man looked up and saw not one but two

moving quickly toward him, but what was he to do

seeing and feeling the fear in the child

he picked up his phone and began to dial

“911 emergency! how may i help you?”

“i need help to protect this boy.  i need rescue”

the police arrived and arrested the woman and man

putting them into the squad car as fast as they can

a woman is kneeling down by the little boy,

and pulls out a teddy bear, his favorite kind of toy.

she assured him everything would be okay

and took him by the hand as they walked away

she looked down at him and gave him a smile

it’s a look he hasn’t seen in quite a long while

somehow deep within his heart

he knows his life is getting ready to start

his face draws a smile as he turns to look around

and sees the coach surrounded by kids on the mound

their eyes lock and they each know for sure

that their meeting was the opening of a door

into a new life of happiness, warmth and joy

for this little man is a lovable boy