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As an agency, we rely heavily on email to communicate.  Whether it is advocates communicating with the parties on their cases or staff communicating with advocates, it is an important tool.

Because of its importance, CASA of Santa Barbara County has decided to provide CASA email address for each advocate to use for official CASA communications.  We have made this decision because we believe the following benefits will make us more effective:

  • Providing advocates with an organizational identity– People receiving emails will know that you are part of CASA.  Your new email will be @sbcasa.org
  • Increased security- Your CASA email will be a confidential lock box for all CASA communications.
  • Keeping CASA and personal emails separate–  All your CASA emails in one place for easy sorting, reviewing and storage.  
  • Local management– If you are having trouble with your email account (forgot your password, etc) CASA staff can help resolve the issue.
  • Guaranteed delivery of agency communications- If you are reading this you are lucky not to be one of the 50 or so volunteers who won’t get this email due to server spam/ junk mail policies and server blacklisting.  No more missing out on cool opportunities from CASA 🙂

A change like this comes with potential challenges and we are prepared to work with each advocate to overcome them.  Some of the challenges we anticipate:

  • Challenges learning a new email system-  Though we are using Gmail (which many people are familiar with), it will be new to some advocates.  Our staff is prepared to provide training and assistance in setting things up for those who need assistance.
  • Updating contacts with you new email-  There are several ways this can be done effectively (you may have something that you have used before as well).  Staff will be available to help people find the best system for their situation.
  • Checking a second (or 5th) email address-  There are some great tools for collecting emails from more than one address (Outlook for example).  Staff can walk you through the setup for this as well.

There may be other challenges we have not anticipated and we will work through those as well.  

We will be making the email addresses live on May 15.  On that day you will get a setup email message from us with your new email address ([email protected]), a temporary password, and a link to Gmail.  The setup email message will go to the email address we have on record for you.  Our goal is for everyone to be using the new email address for all official CASA business by June 1.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your advocate supervisor or [email protected].