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Shirley Hobson

CASA Board President from 1999-2004 and current member of the CASA Leadership Council since its inception in 2011

As long as families do not have adequate economic security or safe, stable, and affordable housing there will be a need to protect children. CASA volunteers step in during a difficult time and advocate for the child’s well-being. Until we are able to stabilize the social issues that bring children into foster care CASA’s will continue to be vital in our community.
I am most proud to be involved with CASA because… we’ve been able to expand CASA services throughout the County. During my time on the board we recognized the many CASA volunteers in South County, but the need in North County was growing. There were many more children who needed advocates. The Hutton Foundation was instrumental in providing an office space and gave CASA a tremendous boost to establish a foothold in North County.
One of my fondest memories of my time with CASA is … having the honor to preside over our first board meeting in North County. Opening the Santa Maria office, holding board meetings, and making friends for CASA in North County was the most satisfying accomplishment during my tenure.
For CASA’s 20th birthday I wish for a fairy Godmother to bestow 10 million dollars to create an endowment so we don’t have to work so hard each year to raise money!



You can change the trajectory of a child's life by giving that child a precious gift—a little bit of your time.
Become an advocate in our community to help a child who has been removed from their home due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment. It’s worth it… to make a difference in the life of a child.

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