As one of the leading agencies fighting the war on child abuse and neglect, we are clear that grant-funded programs and traditional fundraising through events alone will not create a sustainable long term solution to our funding needs.  

The impact that an advocate has in the life of an abused child is tangible. Children spend less time in the foster care system, have higher graduation rates, and have lower odds of homelessness when they have a caring adult guiding their way and advocating for their needs. Creating a sustainable source of revenue is essential to the long term success of our nonprofit organization.

With this in mind, we created a comprehensive strategy fueled by innovation and entrepreneurship and launched an enterprise activity organization – The CASE for kids. (The Child Advocates Social Enterprise for kids).  

The CASE for Kids promotes and supports excellence in advocacy for victims of child abuse and neglect, and raises funds for programs that serve children who are at risk of getting lost in the court system.  For more information on our social enterprise activities, visit our website at thecaseforkids.com