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“My kiddo is now 18 and in transitional housing. I met her when she was 12. She was suicidal since the age of 10. She recently admitted to me that she  never thought she would live to see 18. There were times of crisis where I would ask, “Will you live one more day for me?” She did, and the crisis has been averted. We are now entering adulthood. I know she still benefits from having an advocate. I recently had to write some emails about the lack of resources at the transitional home, the staff noticed and told my CASA youth, “Your CASA really has your back, doesn’t she?” and she replied, “YES SHE DOES!” I love being a pain in the butt for all the right reasons. Since my CASA kid been in the foster care system she has had at least 8 social workers, but just one CASA. After all these years together I think I’m the one who has received the most out of this relationship.

“The more you thank life, the more life gives you to be thankful for.” – Life’s Cheerleader