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Jessica’s Story


You can change the trajectory of a child’s life by giving that child a precious gift—a little bit of your time.
Become an advocate in our community to help a child who has been removed from their home due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment. It’s worth it… to make a difference in the life of a child.

Take Action

Eleven year old Jessica was living with her grandmother when her mother was released from prison.  Even though her grandmother had custody, she allowed Jessica to live with her mother.  Within a matter of months, Jessica began to make statements that her mother’s boyfriend had been sexually molesting her.  Her grandmother was her legal guardian, yet allowed Jessica to remain in this unsafe environment.  Her mother was soon hospitalized after a stabbing attack by the same boyfriend who was sexually abusing Jessica.

Jessica told the Police that she was fearful to return to her grandmother’s home because she was afraid her grandmother would return her to her mother.  Jessica was immediately removed and placed in foster care.

Jessica, a very bright outgoing child, was exposed to more of the adult world than any eleven year old should ever know.  However, she remained very much a young girl enjoying dolls, kitty cats and computer games.  Her schoolwork was average and her teachers and counselors expressed concern about her constant need for attention.

The CASA volunteer assigned to Jessica’s case visited with her every week. She took on a very complex situation and worked diligently to communicate Jessica’s best interests to the Judge and other parties on the case.  The CASA volunteer met with Jessica’s teachers, family, therapists and Social workers to continually monitor her progress and safety.  At her last visit to the foster home, the CASA reported that it was a loving, nurturing home – a dream visit that any CASA advocate would love to experience.

The CASA volunteer was extremely pleased with the placement; Jessica seemed so happy, and the foster parents were loving, kind, and committed.  A few months later, Jessica was adopted by her foster parents and her case was closed.

Help us make sure children like Jessica have a CASA volunteer by their side. Don’t let them go through it alone, volunteer today.