CASA Santa Barbara County Staff

Executive Director

Kim Colby Davis

Executive Director

(805) 739-9102, Ext. 5981

Background & Education: With a background and education in Business Management, Kim Colby Davis began volunteering for CASA of Santa Barbara County in 2006 as an advocate for children. Soon after, she joined the CASA staff in the role of Recruiting and Outreach Coordinator. At the end of her first year with CASA, the number of new volunteers increased by over 53% and the number of children served increased by nearly 65%. In 2009 Kim accepted the position of Executive Director for CASA of Santa Barbara County and has led the team to achieve growth that has allowed CASA to serve 95% of the children in need in Santa Barbara County. With a team of 15 CASA staff, they now lead a volunteer force of more than 300 community volunteers.

Clubs, committees, or social groups: Kim has served on the Board of Directors for the Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum and is a member of the North County Advisory Committee for CALM.  She is an alumnus of Leadership Santa Barbara County and Courage to Lead and served on the Santa Barbara County Blue Ribbon Commission on Foster Care, and the Child Abuse Prevention Council. In 2014 Kim was honored with the “Woman of Excellence” award in the category of “Women of Spirit.” Currently, Kim is serving on the National CASA Suburban Leadership Council as co-chair, and on the National CASA National Leadership Council as chairperson.

Hobbies & Interests: In her spare time, Kim enjoys traveling with her husband, gardening, and spending time with her many nieces and nephews.

Development Director

Tim Bigelow

Development Director

(805) 845-8364, Ext. 5984

Background & Education: Tim was in the investment business for more than 20 years. Tim graduated with a B.A. from University of Rhode Island, where he received the Presidents Award for Academic Excellence. Tim also studied Behavior Finance in the Executive Program at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.

Clubs, committees, or social groups: Healing Opportunities CFO, Harvard Club of Southern California, Self-Realization Fellowship, CFA Institute

A few words that best describe Tim: Friendly, kind and present

Hobbies & Interests: Reading, hiking, running and spending weekends with his two boys Mason and Reese.

Why CASA is important to Tim: "To do what I can to serve the most vulnerable in the community."

Associate Director

Aaron Pankratz

Associate Director

(805) 739-9102, Ext. 2598

Background & Education: Aaron Pankratz brings with him a passion for serving vulnerable populations. In his career, he is most proud of the people he has served. This includes people from a wide background including street children in Zimbabwe, people with disabilities of all ages, inner city youth and most recently senior citizens on the Central Coast. His passion comes from growing up with a brother with disabilities who was adopted out of an abusive home.

A few words that best describe Aaron: Dedicated and wise

Hobbies & Interests: Aaron volunteers at his church and homeowners association board. His family, including three children, keep him busy and bring him joy daily. In his free time, Aaron enjoys cycling as fast and far as he can (about 5,000 miles a year).

Why CASA is important to Aaron: "I believe that standing with a child through difficult circumstances is one of the noblest tasks and the rewards for all involved can't be matched."

Recruiting and Training Director

Crystal Sullins

Recruiting and Training Director

(805) 739-9102, Ext. 2594

Background & Education: Crystal obtained her BA in criminal justice and an AA in liberal studies. She has almost twenty years of professional experience working with children and youth. Her previous work experience includes Teen Court Program Manager, Adolescent Residential Counselor, and Preschool Instructor.

Clubs, committees, or social groups:  Crystal is a Lompoc Valley Leadership graduate, Class of 2015. She is a proud ambassador for the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Club and a member of the Santa Maria Women's Network. 

A few words that best describe Crystal: Enthusiastic, loyal and observant

Hobbies & Interests: Crystal enjoys planning parties, volunteering, and movie nights at home with her family.

Why CASA is important to Crystal: "CASA is the only advocacy program that gives a voice to children in foster care. It’s my love of children and a strong interest in the legal system that makes CASA a perfect fit for me. Being a mother myself, I want to make sure every child experiences the same unconditional love, safety and forever home that I provide to my own children."  

Office Manager

Joy Bat

Office Manager

(805) 739-9102, Ext. 2597

Background & Education: Joy has a degree in accounting from Western Governors University and more than 15 years of administrative and bookkeeping experience.

Clubs, committees, or social groups: CASA's Volunteer Recruitment Committee

A few words that best describe Joy: Friendly, encouraging, diplomatic and happy

Hobbies & Interests: Joy loves craft fairs, digital scrapbooking and vast scenic movies. On warm weather weekends, Joy and her husband can be found on their Harley Roadking enjoying local views, festivals, and art shows.

Why CASA  is important to Joy: "CASA is important to me because of the mission statement, the board, the advocates and the employees." 

Advocate Supervisor

Chantel Braley

Advocate Supervisor

805-739-9102, Ext. 2591

Background & Education: Chantel is a Santa Barbara local whose first love was social justice work. Volunteering and training extensively with Anti-Defamation League and Just Communities, Chantel was committed to combating bullying and prejudice on her high school campus and in the community. Chantel was fortunate to be the first one in her family to attend college, obtaining a BA from Smith College with a double major in Religion and Jewish Studies. After graduating, she began her career in Jewish Communal Service work as the Volunteer Coordinator and Events Specialist at Jewish Family Service and also worked for various nonprofits throughout Santa Barbara.

Clubs, Committees, or Social Groups:  Chantel is highly involved with the Israel Committee of Santa Barbara, sitting on their planning committee and working as their Event Coordinator for the Annual Teach-In on Israel. She also volunteers with local Jewish organizations, such as the Avi Schaefer Fund.

A few words that best describe Chantel: Energetic, Passionate, Affable, Loyal, and Jovial

Hobbies & Interests: Chantel loves to create art, mostly using watercolor and inks. She also enjoys dancing, watching movies, traveling, meeting new people, and spending time with her puppy, Big Sur.

Why CASA is important to Chantel: “CASA is important to me because I know firsthand how terrifying, traumatic, and turbulent it can be for children who are in abusive environments.”  

Marketing and Outreach Manager

Kira Cosio

Marketing and Outreach Manager

(805) 739-9102, Ext. 2595

Background & Education: Kira is a Cal Poly San Luis Obispo graduate, earning her degree in Animal Science while simultaneously being a Cal Poly Cheerleader, Sigma Alpha President, gymnastics coach, and much more depending on the season! She is an award-winning Extemporaneous Speaker, FFA Rabbit Showman, and National Stunt Champion.

Hobbies & Interests: Spin classes, volunteering with OYFL cheerleaders, hiking, day trips, and teaching her dog silly tricks like sneezing on command!

A few words that best describe Kira: Enthusiastic, driven, and kind.

Why CASA is important to Kira: "CASA is a way for me to increase awareness and give people the tools to truly make a difference. We all want the children in our community to be treated with love, care, and compassion. My goal is to inspire the ordinary citizen to help in an extraordinary way."

Advocate Supervisor

Britannia James

Advocate Supervisor

805-739-9102, Ext. 4625

Background & Education: Britannia is currently going to Arizona State University online and earning her degree in Family and Human Development. She originally grew up in Washington and has recently come to Santa Barbara County. She spent time working with a family member assisting with a supervised visitation program.

Hobbies & Interests: Britannia enjoys night and star photography, playing the flute, and going camping and road trips!

Senior Advocate Supervisor (Bilingual)

Maria (Coco) Landeros-Rico

Senior Advocate Supervisor (Bilingual)

(805) 739-9102, Ext. 2592

Background & Education:  Coco joined the CASA team in 2006. Prior to her employment at CASA she worked with children ages 3 through 18 as a mental health case worker. Coco has a degree is in psychology with an emphasis in counseling from Christian Heritage College in San Diego.

A few words that best describe Coco: Loyal and compassionate

Hobbies & Interests: Coco's life revolves around her children. She enjoys walking, playing, singing and reading. In her spare time she spends a lot of time cleaning up after them.

Why CASA is important to Coco: "CASA’s provide a safe haven for their child even if it's just an hour from life's stressors."

Visitation Program Supervisor

Brittany Maikrzek

Visitation Program Supervisor


Background & Education: Originally from Michigan, Brittany moved to California at the age of six and grew up on Vandenberg AFB where her father was stationed in the military. Brittany currently attends Allan Hancock College and plans to complete her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology online through Brandman University. This past year Brittany had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) to kindergarten students in China.

Clubs, committees, or social groups: Brittany is currently an advocate for sexual assault survivors at the North County Rape Crisis and Child Protection Center.

A few words that best describe Brittany: Kind and caring

Hobbies & Interests: Traveling, reading, hiking, going on adventures, and spending time with family.

Why CASA is important to Brittany: "Every child deserves to have their voice heard and CASA gives them that power." 

Advocate Supervisor

Latika McKenna

Advocate Supervisor

(805) 739-9102, Ext. 5983

Background & Education: Latika earned her Associate’s Degree in Child Psychology from Allan Hancock College, and is currently working toward her Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Psychology from Antioch University. Latika previously worked with the Boys and Girls Club of Lompoc as the Teen Director and was a CASA volunteer for 4 years. Latika continues to serve as a Program Coordinator and USA Liaison for an orphanage and school in India, the Sankalp Foundation, serving over 250 children.

A few words that best describe Latika: Adventurous, compassionate, and grateful

Hobbies & Interests: Latika loves to travel throughout the states and internationally and learn new languages. She is able to speak and translate the native Indian language, Hindi.

Why CASA is important to Latika: “I first heard about CASA at 13, and counted down the days until I was 21. I even applied to volunteer on my 21st birthday! CASA volunteers have always been important to me. They represent the child and give individual support with a deeper connection.”

Senior Advocate Supervisor

Tristin Sherman

Senior Advocate Supervisor

(805) 845-8364, Ext. 5982

Background & Education: Tristin graduated from Westmont College with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Before coming to CASA she worked at Noah's Anchorage, a local residential youth crisis shelter for over three years. Tristin has worked with children in some capacity since age 15.

Clubs, committees, or social groups: Tristin is a 2014 graduate of Leadership Santa Barbara County and 2016 Emerging Leaders Program in Santa Barbara, CA. 

A few words that best describes Tristin: Kind, compassionate, tender-hearted, driven, hardworking, dedicated, loyal

Hobbies & Interests: Tristin is a huge sports fans, with loyalties to The Los Angeles Kings hockey teams (Stanley Cup champs 2012 and 2014!) and The Kansas City Chiefs. Tristin loves to read books, spend time in the outdoors, watch movies, and rock out to some country music.

Why CASA is important Tristin: "To have a CASA means to have that extra watchful eye, to have someone who will stick with that child. What is so great and unique to CASA is that our volunteers are actually officers of the Court, which means that they get to write reports directly to the Judge and be a voice for that child in Court. To see the difference an advocate can make in the life of one child makes my job worth it."

 Advocate Supervisor (Bilingual)

Lorena Vega

Advocate Supervisor (Bilingual)

(805) 739-9102, Ext. 2596

Background & Education: Lorena has 17 years of experience in human services field. Prior to joining the CASA team, She attended Hancock College and worked for Domestic Violence Solutions 911 Response Team and Community Action Commission as an independent living program case worker.

Awards or recognition received: First Response Advocate Award

A few words that best describe Lorena: Compassionate, friendly, hardworking and spiritual

Hobbies & Interests: Lorena loves to spend time with her family, enjoys going to church, and being outdoors. She also spends her weekends hiking and taking in all the beautiful weather and scenery the Central Coast has to offer.

Why CASA is important to Lorena: "The advocacy and support that a child receives from a CASA Volunteer is remarkable. A CASA Volunteer makes a lifelong impression on a child. I’m truly honored to work with such awesome and dedicated people."