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Sponsor a Child


By sponsoring advocacy services for a child, you are providing him or her with the much-needed support and care of a trained CASA volunteer. You are making the conscious choice to do something on behalf of the human rights of our most vulnerable children.

When you sponsor a child for $2,500, you will receive these benefits:
  • Placement of your logo on our website along with recognition of your generous gift (for businesses).
  • Initial summary of your children’s cases, including age, interests, and the goals of the resolution of the children’s case (i.e. reunification, adoption, etc.).
  • Quarterly updates on your CASA children with the information on how their cases are progressing, how they are coping and the outcome of each case when it closes. We can present to your group on the progress.
  • Annual lunch or breakfast with the CASA Executive Director and/or Associate Director of Donor Engagment, along with the CASA volunteers serving your children if available.
  • Option to be the one to provide the children’s birthday and/or Christmas gift (wish list provided).
  • Presentation of a Sponsor a Child Certificate – optional
  • Most importantly, you will have a positive impact and change a child’s life for the better.
Local businesses, organizations, and individuals that have chosen to Sponsor a Child.

Greene Family Foundation

David Adornetto

Chris & Marisa Parker

Laurie Ashton & Lynn Sarko

Betsy Manger

Julie McNamara

Edwin Woods

John Larson

Tony & Sabrina Papa

Dominic & Hala Adams

Patricia Aptaker

Hunter-Jelks Fund

Andrew D. Busch Fund

Alison & Lyle Turner

Marcy Carsey

Marie Zondler

Kathy & Bill Borgers

Beyond Hello CA LLC

Julianna Reichard/The Habit

Mary Smith

Steve & Marnie Pinsker

Lisa Murray

Martin & Karilee Gore

Lauren Pinsker

Trudy Ann Brown

Schlinger Chrisman Foundation

Laurel Cleary

Jack Tietof

Anna Robinson Alldredge

Snowden Family Foundation

Michelle Carswell

Laura & Geof Wyatt

Laurie & Mark McKinley

Dan & Peggy Blough

Seldon & Judy Edner