Reporting your hours

Not sure how many hours you should report?  Use the tools below

What activities should I count for my hours?

Any activity that you engage in related to your case.  The list below contains common activities:

  • Advocacy
    • Visits with anyone related to the case (child, foster parents, social workers, etc)
    • Phone calls/ emails and text messages (with anyone related to the case)
    • Research for your case (looking for resources, information, etc)
    • Travel time (to and from visits, meetings, court hearings, etc)
    • Writing notes
    • Meetings (TDMs, IEPs, etc)
    • Dropping off or picking up paperwork
    • Reading case files
    • Any interaction with CASA staff
    • Writing your court report
    • Waiting (for a visit, court hearing, TDM, etc)
  • Information and Referral
    • Referring your child to VWA
    • Delivering VW rights/ eligibility notice
    • Referring your child to counseling services in your court report
  • Assistance
    • Providing assistance in applying for VWA (contacting VWA, following up on application, referrals for services)
  • Other
    • Getting a birthday gift for your child
    • Attending children’s activities events
Hours Estimation Chart

If you are not sure of the exact number of hours that you volunteered this month, please use the chart below to estimate the hours.  You can also use the calculator to add up the hours.

Report your Volunteer Hours

Download log in MS Word (editable) Volunteer Time Log

Download log in MS Excel (editable) Volunteer Time Log

Download log as a PDF (print and complete by hand) Volunteer Time Log