Allan Hancock College is offering continued education classes in the month of February 2021.  Each course will fulfill two hours of your continuing education requirement.  

Because of Covid-19, all in-person volunteer “Lunch and Learn” meetings have been canceled and most continued education can be completed online.  The list below are some suggested videos that National CASA has approved as continuing education. You can use these videos to complete your 12 hours of continuing education or you can use what works best for your case. Make sure to check out the tab at the bottom that says “Videos & Quiz Tips.” 

Participating in ongoing training will maintain and improve the level of the CASA volunteer’s knowledge and skill about issues that may be relevant to their case.   It is a requirement of National CASA that all advocates complete 12 hours of continued education every year.  Please make sure that your 12 hours of continued education is completed by June 30, 2021.  Once you have completed any of these suggested videos, or any other continued educational training, please forward the completion certificate, if available, or other continued education topics covered to Tina@sbcasa.org so she can update your CASA volunteer file.