Material Supports from CASA

While it is not part of the core mission of CASA, providing for the material needs of the children we serve supports them in 4 mission supporting ways.

  1. Easing the disruptions caused by detention and moving
    1. Toy Closet– to replace lost toys and favorite items
    2. Blue Bags and Quilts for children who have been recently assigned or detained. Available at CASA offices.
  2. Emergency and Urgent needs
    1. Kids Fund– Money for clothes and other necessities for newly placed or displaced children or critical supplies that will not come in a timely manner (glasses, school equipment and supplies etc)
  3. Provide for “normalcy”
    1. Kids Fund-Money to help pay dues, activity fees, lessons and equipment to support extra curricular activities
    2. CASA Christmas Store- Christmas Gifts for people important to the children (open at CASA offices the week after the Christmas Party)
    3. Christmas Gifts- Provided by donors at Christmas time.  We will ask for information to help the donors shop for the kids.
    4. Birthday Gifts
  4. Rapport building
    1. Activity Chest- Crafts and board games for the CASA and their child to take and use.  Available at CASA offices.
    2. Children’s Activities Committees- Free events and community activities to provide opportunities for rapport building between CASA’s and their child
    3. Toy Closet- An opening gift for the child to “break the ice”


Quilts and Items from the Toy Closet at the CASA Office


Blue “My Stuff” Bags