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Meet Marianna 

Marianna is one of many children currently waiting for a CASA volunteer. She was born to a drug-addicted mother who was unable to properly care for her and her older siblings. They were placed in foster care when she was 4 years old, now almost six years old Marianna remains in foster care. Over the past two years she has lived in two relative homes and is now with a foster family. She has since been separated from her biological brothers. Marianna is timid, but has a great big smile and bright eyes. She also loves to be read to. Her favorite stuffed animal is a hippopotamus named Hip-Hop. 

With so many changes going on in her young life, Marianna is in critical need of a volunteer. Someone to spend time with her one-on-one, make recommendations about her health & wellness, look into her educational needs, and report how she is adjusting in her new foster home. Are you ready to help keep Marianna safe and find her forever family?

Become a child advocate today. Marianna and many children are waiting…

For more info call (805)739-9102 ext. 2594 or email [email protected]. Click here to apply today!