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I may wish to remain anonymous. How would notifying CASA of Santa Barbara County be of value to me?

If you choose to remain anonymous, your wishes will be honored. Knowing your intentions will help CASA of Santa Barbara County better plan for the future. In addition, we feel strongly about expressing our gratitude to you for your gift and would be honored to welcome you into the Legacy League, which recognizes supports who have included CASA of Santa Barbara County in their estate plans.

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I don’t know how much about planned giving. How can CASA of Santa Barbara County be of help to me?

A member of the CASA of Santa Barbara staff would be happy to discuss your questions with you, with no obligation on your part to make a gift. We can provide you with general information, which you can then discuss with your financial and/or legal advisor. CASA of Santa Barbara County will never pressure you or share your information with third parties.

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What are the advantages for me of making a planned gift?

Above all, it gives you flexibility. A planned gift can help you achieve tax and financial goals, as well as philanthropic goals. You can make a larger gift than might otherwise have been possible in your lifetime.