The Pad Climbing Gym in Santa Maria is offering free memberships to CASAs so that they can bring their CASA kids.  The memberships allow the CASA to bring 1 child under 18 with them to the gym.  In order to take advantage of this opportunity, email you advocate supervisor.  They will send you a letter to present at the gym to pick up your membership.  Before you arrive with your child you will need to:

  1. Go to the gym to get your membership.  Bring an ID and your membership letter.
  2. Before your child participates you MUST have a signed waiver form for the gym.  This form can be signed by your child’s caregiver or the CWS social worker.  The Pad risk waiver and checklist

This is a great opportunity for building rapport with your child.  If your child likes it and wants to get a membership of their own, you can request funds from the Kids Fund to help pay for a membership.

A special thanks to Rienk Ayers for setting this up.