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Judicial Council of California
Mericos Foundation

The Henry Mayo Newhall Foundation
Hutton Parker Foundation
National CASA Association
The Mark and Dorothy Smith Family Foundation
Walter J and Holly O Thomson Foundation
Roy and Ida Eagle Foundation
SG Foundation
Yardi Systems, Inc.

County of Santa Barbara Human Services
The Crawford Idema Foundation
June G. Outhwaite Charitable Trust

Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians
Roddick Foundation
Williams-Corbett Foundation
Wood-Claeyssens Foundation

Rienk and Laura Ayers
Ted and Coleen Friedel
Christine and Michael Holland
James S. Bower Foundation
Montecito Bank & Trust
The Stone Family Foundation
The Towbes Foundation

Volentine Family Foundation

Aera Energy, LLC
AGIA, Inc.
American General Media
The Ann Jackson Family Foundation
Pat and Evan Aptaker
Deckers Outdoor
Christian and Mary Caryn Felipe
Frank and Joseph Gila
Frank and Alida Freda
Susan and Karl Galluzzo
Joe Hardin, Jr.
Julie Henley
Marborg Industries
Roland Miller
Lisa and Ed Murray
Steven and Marnie Pinsker
Prudence and Robert Sternin
Dean Teixeira
The Raintree Foundation
Jack Tiethof and Anita Sy
Milton and Deann Zampelli

Altrusa International Foundation of Santa Maria
Laurie Ashton
Judy and Leon Bartholomew
Beacon Pointe Wealth Advisors
Ashley Blevins
Julie and Jim Burge
Calcagno & Hamilton, Inc.
Dennis and Susan Chiavelli
Laurel Cleary
Belle and Daniel Cohen
Paul and Gianna Colombo
Cox Charities Foundation
Kim and Mike Davis
Arthur Denny
Carol Diamond
Selden and Judy Edner
EPM Inc.
Randy and Cindy Giorgi
Martin and Kerrilee Gore
Greene Family Foundation
Herbert and Gertrude Latkin Charitable Foundation
Honda of Santa Maria
Hunter-Jelks Fund
Marcia Ibsen
Impulse Advanced Communications
In-N-Out Burger Foundation
Kristin Kirby
Kiwanis Club of Santa Maria–Noontime
Adam Liff
Local Copies, Etc.
Deborah and Marty Lynch
Betsy Manger
Judith Martin
Tom and Mary Jane Martinez
Gary and Anna Nett
Pacific Premier Bank
Quintron Systems, Inc.
Regina and Richard Roney
Rotary Club of Santa Maria Breakfast
Lois Rozet
Veronica Sandoval and Sean Foy
The Valley Foundation
Greg Simpson
Mark H Smith
Sotheby’s International Realty Foundation
Gregory and Cobie Tucker
Michael Wiley

Adam Bros Produce Sales Inc.
Rebecca and Peter Adams
American Riviera Bank
Ralph and Lucy Archuleta
Larry and Wendy Barels
Jeffrey Behl
Daniel and Peggy Blough
Yuliia Bystriakova
Sandra Carranza
Marcy Carsey
Joe and Sylvia Centeno
Jim and Jolene Colomy
Lisa and Joe Doud
Maurice Duca
David and Monica Fishman
FLIR Systems, Inc.
Edward Graper
David and Ruth Green
Jay and Anne Hardy
Robert and Susan Hibbits
Carlos Hurtado
Christopher Lancashire
Sol Linver
Lyons Family Foundation, Inc.
The M&M Foundation
Ginny and Michael Maloco
Frankie and Angel Martinez
The May Firm
Miriam Michaelis
Mark Moseley
Brenda Nancarrow
Lil and Stan Nelson
Betty and Mike Noling
Eilene and Bob Okerblom
Grace Romero-Pacheco
Pacifica Commercial Central Coast, Inc.
Tony and Sabrina Papa
Lynne and David Richardson
Rotary Club of Santa Maria
Joyce and Paul Ryan
Doris and Robert Schaffer
Jennifer Mills and David Schierman
Roger and Sarah Chrisman
Missy and Chuck Sheldon
Lynda and Jim Snodgrass
Mark and Jennifer Teixeira
The Chamber of the Santa Barbara Region
The Hampton Foundation
Wayne R Miller Chiropractic Corporation
Janet and David Wilhite
Robin and Jason Yardi
Your Cause LLC/Trustee for Pacific Gas & Electric

Joseph Abram
Wanda Acquistapace
Dominic and Hala Adam
Diane Adam
Ronald and Sherri Adler
David and K.C. Adornetto
Aktion Club of Santa Maria
Eddie and Danielle Aldridge
Altrusa Club of the Central Coast Foundation, Inc.
Amazon Smile
Harry I. Axelrod
Monica Babich
Caitlyn Baker
Barrett Air Conditioning
Diane Baskin
Joy and Randy Bat
Mark and Esther Bates
Kris and Terry Batlowski
Lexi Beausoleil
Helene and Jerry Beaver
André Becker
Doris and Don Becker
Jed and Diane Beebe
Jill and Arnold Bellowe
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Timothy Bigelow
Kasia Brand
Matthew and Carrie Brothers
Thomas Parker
Trudy Ann Brown Kay

Louis Bruno
Sandra Buchanan
Terryl Bunn
Andrew Burge
Michael Burke
Mark and Ellen Calcagno
Lisa Canale
Susan Cappiello
Paul Capritto
Michael and Crystal Cardona
Lee Carlander
Jeff Carlson
Wallace and Lydia Carroll
Laura Casanova
H Peter Castellanos
Corine and Jay Cerny
Aundrea Chacon
David & Colleen Clark
Alfred and Julia Clark
Martha Clark
Mark and Linda Clarke
Richard Clontz
Stephen and Marian Cohen
Herbert and Shelley Cole
Community Bank of Santa Maria
Mr. and Mrs.Tony Cossa
Ashley Costa
Fred and Terie Cota
Brian Crill
The Roy E. Crummer Foundation
Marisol Cruz
Mayra Cummings
Maggi Daane
Katherine Davidson
Noelle Davis
Shirley and Clay Decker
Dignity Health (Marian)
Jim and Chrissy Donati
George Donati
Doug Dougherty
Colonel Clelland Downs
Ginni and Chad Dreier
Jaqueline Duran
Rebecca Estrada
Harold Evans
Kira Farrell
Jane Fehrenbacher
Rosalind Amorteguy Fendon
Mary Feragen
Judy Fessenden
Michele Fitzpatrick
Shiloh Flagg
Dennis and Patty Forster
Michele Freitas
Eric Freitas
Tom Parker’s Friday Lunch Group
Jeffrey and Monica Fried
Friends of Lois Capps
Erik and Judy Frost
Lettie Fulmore
G & G Custom Builders
The Honorable Arthur A. Garcia and Carmen Garcia Maite Garcia-Arone
Petra Geretz
Allan Ghitterman and Susan Rose
Ghita Ginberg
Randy and Jessica Glick
Goleta Valley Mini Storage
William and Carol Gordon
Jeff Grossman
Sue and Robert Guerra
Gary and Susan Gulbransen
Joseph Haley
Marion Hallum
Diana Hammond
Tiffany Hampton
Susan and John Hanna
Christopher Hansen
Dean Hansen
Health Expo
Jeff Hearn
Annette Hernandez
Jeanne and David Hoffman
Suzanne Hull
Ruth Iniguez
Jensen Family Charitable Fund
James Jepsen
Dawn Jimenez
Karen Johandes
Maxine Johnson
Patricia Jordan
Edward and Martha Kaufman
Chuck and Rebecca Kaye
Kelly and Hubner, LLP
Margaret Kempf
Connie L. Kennelly
Pati Kern and Andrew Pfeffer
Maria Landeros
Shirley Landis
Martha Lannan
Dan Lenz
Sharon Lewis
Logic Monitor
Amy Lopez
Linda Lorenzen
Peter R. and Leslie L. MacDougall
Nyna and William Mahan
George and Mary Alice Majoue
Barbara and Donald Margerum
Velma Marsalek
Roy Martinez and Toni McDonald
Martinez & Associates Architecture, Inc.
Kenra McClelkand
Patrick and Cynthia McDermott
Fiona McKiernan
Laurie and Steve McMahon
Mary McVeigh
Denise Meredith
Crysta Metzger
Gail and David Mexico
Michael Conte, D.O.
Bruce Micheel
Mid State Concrete Products LLC
Jayme Misfeldt
Dan Mitchell
Michael and Susan Moats
Todd and Ann Moore
Dr. Robert and Donna Moss
Tim Murphy
Ann Murtha
Lance and Kirsten Musterer
Michael and Nancy Neville
New Day Marketing, LTD
Don Newman
Carola Nicholson
Julie and Mag Nicola
Leslie Oberschmidt
Brian O’Connor
Evie O’keefe
Scottie and Frank Ortiz
Daniel and Anne Ovadia
Pam and Dominick Palera
Mary Ellen Pankratz
Aaron and Greta Pankratz
Sara Peterson
Lauren Pinsker
Connie and Frederick Quigley
Barbara Ramos
Craig and Christine Reade
Jean M. Reiche
Rhine Family Trust
Robin Rickershauser
Frank Ritenour
Stanley and Karen Roberts
Vincent Rodriguez
Patricia Rodriguez
Catherine Romain
Mark Romasanta
Kim Rosa
Rotary Club of Montecito Foundation Partners
Elizabeth Sanchez
Manfred and Jean Sander
Santa Maria Elks Lodge No. 1538
Santa Maria Womens Network
Patricia Santiago
Teresa Sat
Maryan Schall
Joanne and Joel Shefflin
Tristin M. Sherman
Angela and Ryan Siemens
Maynard Silva
Janet Silveria
Brian Simas
Michele Sinesky
Rob and Sally Smith
Pamela Sneddon
Stephanie Sneddon
Eric and Anita Sonquist
Mary Jo Spencer
St Joseph High School
The Hon. Timothy and Colleen Staffel
Bridget Stanton
Nancy Stewart
Heidi Stilwell
Joan Stoner
Crystal and Wes Sullins
Ann Sullivan and Ed DeCaro
Rain Taylor
Debi and Martin Testa
The Hitching Post
Jay McOuat–The Juicery
April Thede
Emma Torres
Town and Country Women’s Club of Santa Barbara
James Traphagen
Arnie Tucker
Shaina Tucker
Lyle and Alison Turner
Tara Uhrig
Union Marine Station, Inc.
Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara
Universal Wine Alliance
Yolanda Van Wingerden
David J. Voorhies
Sheila Wald
Paul and Suzanne Walker
Susan Washing
Fred and Charlotte Wellenkamp
William and Alison Werts
Dana and Garth Whitted
Steve and Marie Will
Joy Winer
Brooks Wise
Brian and Gloria Wise
Edwin and Caroline Woods
Darcy Wright
Writer Family Foundation
Jace Yoder
JoAnne Young
Diane Ziliotto
Irina Zimina