CE-‘Mental Health Issues in Children Due To Attachment/Trauma’ Conference

Nancy Thomas Trauma Conference

The training is geared towards Resource Parents and I think CASAs can get some value out of it too.  There is a $45 registration fee.

Here are details about the material they will be covering:

Putting the Brakes on Behavior Problems- Friday, March 3 in Santa Maria

Do you have parents screaming for help or a student out of control? Shift gears in the brain from “park” to “drive.” Turn the situation around when you are being driven over the edge. Presented are creative solutions wrapped up in a message of hope that can change your home/classroom forever. You can have joy and laughter in your home. Nancy Thomas will show you how.

Defiance, Destruction, and Dishonesty-Solutions- Saturday, March 4 in Santa Barbara

Ready for some peace? Are you missing the joy in your home? Nancy Thomas will provide innovative solutions. Topics cover will be:

  • Paying it back and paying it forward
  • Building responsibility
  • Increasing resourcefulness
  • Teaching self-control and self-
  • Questions and answers


See the link below for more information and instructions for registering.

Nancy Thomas Trauma Conference