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Annual Report 2019

Dear Friends of CASA,

“A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” was one of the years’ most popular movies and brought to mind one of my favorite Fred Rogers quotes: “anyone who does anything to help a child is a hero to me.”

Adopting Mr. Rogers’ perspective, the children CASA of Santa Barbara County served in 2019 had many, many heroes. And those heroes achieved new heights, collectively reaching a higher percentage of child victims placed in protective care than ever before in the agency’s history.

On the last day of the fiscal year, CASA of Santa Barbara County was serving 100% of our community’s child victims of abuse and neglect who were then living in substitute care placements, which means children residing in protective care somewhere other than home. We had a day when children were brought into the care of the court in the morning, and had a CASA volunteer assigned to them that afternoon.

And who are the heroes making this happen? The 285 CASA volunteers assigned to serve children in 2019 made all the difference in the lives of the youngest and most vulnerable among us. The extraordinary members of our community who stand up for children with their voices are the reasons we were able to have a day with no children waiting for advocacy.

I wish I could say that we were able to maintain it, but due to a spike in cases in the summer, we are once again working to serve every child. But we know the difference it makes, so we continue our work with determination.

Putting our children first by providing professional staff who train and support our volunteer advocates would not be possible without the generous support of the broader community. To each individual and organization who has contributed the resources necessary to expand and sustain CASA’s program capacity, we owe you enormous gratitude. Your generosity has supported our growth and we intend to continue to work hard so that no child victim is left to walk this frightening and uncertain path alone.

Yours in advocacy,

Kim Colby Davis

Executive Director

FY 2019 Achievement Highlights

  • 285 CASA volunteers advocated for 510 children who experienced the trauma of abuse and/or neglect
  • Over 26,000 hours of service were donated by CASA volunteers providing $765,165 in value to the community
  • 80 new volunteers completed 35 hours of pre-service training to join our team of volunteer child advocates
  • 73 children were successfully reunited with their parents and 53 children found permanent homes with adoptive families.

Our Donors

$50,000 – $100,000

Judicial Council of California

County of Santa Barbara Human Services

$49,000 – $30,000

The Mark and Dorothy Smith Family Foundation

$29,999 – $20,000

The Towbes Foundation

WWW Foundation

Yardi Systems, Inc.

Christine and Michael Holland

$19,999 – $10,000

American General Media

Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians Foundation

Montecito Bank and Trust

Volentine Family Foundation

AGIA Legionnaire Insurance Trust


The Crawford Idema Foundation

James S. Bower Foundation

June G. Outhwaite Charitable Trust

The Edwin and Jeanne Woods Family Foundation

The Stone Family Foundation

Wood-Claeyssens Foundation

$9,999 – $5,000

The Ann Jackson Family Foundation

Calcagno and Hamilton, Inc.

Cox Communications, Inc.

Deckers Outdoor

Martin and Kerrilee Gore

Greene Family Foundation

Hunter-Jelks Fund

Lyons Family Foundation, Inc.

Laurie McKinley

Regina and Richard Roney

Roger Chrisman

Dale Zurawski

Dr. Robert and Lori Barry

Duck Derby Anonymous

Cox Charities Foundation

Santa Barbara Foundation

Susan Galluzzo

Julie Henley McNamara

Hutton Parker Foundation

$4,999 – $1,000

Becky and Peter Adams

Ralph and Lucy Archuleta

Barbara N. Rubin Foundation

Larry and Wendy Barels

David and Tracy

Martha Clark

Alfred and Julia Clark

Jim and Jolene Colomy

Cottage Health

Carol Diamond

Maurice Duca

Festival of Children Foundation Inc.

David and Monica Fishman

FLIR Systems, Inc.

Lisa Fong

Edward Graper

David and Ruth Green

Thomas Greene

Joe Hardin, Jr.

Jeanne and David Hoffman

Carlos Hurtado

Edward and Martha Kaufman

Christopher Lancashire

The M&M Foundation

Frankie and Angel Martinez

Betty and Mike Noling

Robin Rickershauser

Joyce and Paul Ryan

Doris and Robert Schaffer

The Hawkins Foundation

Turpin Family Charitable Foundation

Michael Burke

Jane Restaurant

Aaron and Greta Pankratz

George Majoue

Timothy Bigelow

Tom Creath

Renee Alexandre

Mary Ellen and Dennis Pankratz

Mike and Yvonne Biely

John and Terri Patino


Shiloh Flagg

BMW Santa Barbara

Exxon Mobil Corporation

Jay and Anne Hardy

Matthew Huff

Grace Pacheco

David and Lynne Richardson

Maryan Schall

Diane  Sheldon

Alexander and Kathy Simas

Judith Martin

Gregory and Cobie

Mona and Dominick McConkey

Moms Club of Orcutt

Kim and Mike Davis

Lynda and Jim Snodgrass

Milton and Deann Zampelli

Rienk and Laura Ayers

Selden and Judy Edner

The Charitable Foundation

Lois Rozet

Rotary Club of Santa Barbara North Charitable Foundation

Frank and Nancy Iarossi

Heather Ames

Santa Maria Rotary Club, South

Judy and Leon Bartholomew

Laurel Cleary

EPM Inc.

Honda of Santa Maria

William and Elizabeth S. Robinson Foundation

Kiwanis Club of Santa Maria–Noontime

Local Copies, Etc.

Betsy and Robert Manger

Quintron Systems, Inc.

The Santa Maria Sun

TC’s Precision Painting

Philip and Carolyn Wyatt

Arthur Denny

Prudence Sternin

Patricia Aptaker

Jim and Julie Burge

Altrusa International Foundation of Santa Maria

Laurie Ashton

In-N-Out Burger Foundation

Nola Stucky

Deborah and Marty Lynch


Alison and Lyle Turner

Jennifer and Eddie Murray

Rotary Club of Santa Maria Breakfast

Lisa Murray

Randy Giorgi

Trudy Ann Brown

Herbert and Gertrude Latkin Charitable Foundation

Snowden Family Charitable Fund

Jack Tiethof

Mark and Jennifer Teixeira

Daniel and Peggy Blough

Roland Miller

$999 – $500

David and K.C. Adornetto

Andrea Becker

Jed and Diane Beebe

Debra Black

Ronald and Marlys Boehm

Karen Broumand

Michael and Crystal Cardona

Amy Cavanagh

Richard Clontz

Coast Hills Bank

Community Bank of Santa Maria

The Roy E. Crummer Foundation

Dignity Health

Roger Durling

Lisa McGrath

Edward McKinley

Denise Meredith

Mid State Concrete Products LLC

Tim Murphy

Gary and Anna Nett

New Day Marketing, LTD

Santa Barbara Automotive Group

Patricia Santiago

William Thompson

Ms. Milan Timm

Virginia Wigle

Edwin and Caroline Woods

Diane Ziliotto

Dominick Barry

Erik and Judy Frost

Diane and Kieran Adam

Shari and Bill Guilfoyle

Jeff and Linda Hearn

Katherine Zanardi

Altrusa Club of the Central Coast Foundation, Inc.

Dave Clark

George and Susan Gonzales

The Black Hole- Santa Maria Chapter

Thomas Weiss

Martinez and Associates Architecture, Inc.

Jeff and Adrianna Hopson

Corine and Jay Cerny

Lee and Rebecca Chaves

The Honorable Arthur A. Garcia and Carmen Garcia

Maxine Johnson

Patrick and Cynthia McDermott

Frank Ritenour

Scott and Kaijah LaPointe

Scottie and Frank Ortiz

Sara Hetyonk

Barbara Ramos

James Jepsen

Angela and Philip Ente

Samantha Kane

Carissa Teixeira-Frawley

Tony and Sabrina Papa

Lisa and Joe Doud

Mark and Tracy English

Dominic and Hala Adam

Shirley and Clay Decker

Draughtsmen Aleworks

Francie Olivera

Suzanne Hull

Joseph and Sherri Will

$499 – $100

Alexis Arconian

Harry I. Axelrod

Vicki Ayala

Andrew Barton

Diane Baskin

James Bissin

Shane Bower

Anthony Bozzano

Jane Braunheim

Douglas Burbank

LInda Burrows

Kiel Carreau

James and Karen Carroll

Susan and Douglas Chance

Mona Chapin

Jill Chase

Mark and Joann Chassman

Bill and Barbara Cirone

Gianna Colombo


Joan Connors

Tony and Carol Cossa

Teri Creath

John Dasis

Sheila Davidson

Jessica Davis

Megan DeCicco

Susie Duane

David Edelman

Sylvia Estrada

Alex Fang

Mary Feragen

Carey Fitzgerald

Marti and Gil Garcia

Ms. Inken Gerlach

David Gersh

Nanci Gillaspy

Erin Graffy

Gary Gross

Owen and Laurie Guitteau

Gary and Susan Gulbransen

Kathy and Sven Hagen

Dean Hansen

Christopher Hansen

Jeffrey and Victoria Harbison

Natasha Harrington

Robyn Hutchinson

Cheryl Huyck

Mark and Maureen Irwin

Martha Ivanovic

Madisenn Jennings

Paula & Charlie Johnson

Eric Kanowsky

Linda and Jay Kapitz

Kay’s Orcutt Country Kitchen

Letha Kiddie

Valerie and Jonathan King

Richard Lagourge

Maria Landeros

Dan Lenz

Ivy Martin

Tom and Mary Jane Martinez

Tom Martinez

Lydia McHone

Gail and David Mexico

Ryan Miller

Susan Moats

Danny Morales

Bruce and Andrea Morden

Carola Nicholson

John and Evie Okeefe

Cherise Lund

Lynette and Brett Parish

Leigha Peralta

Doug Petrick

James Pisani

Elinor Plumer

Greg Putnam

Connie and Frederick Quigley

Jon and Christine Raimer

Stanley and Karen Roberts

Cesar Rodriguez

Sybil Rosen

Dennis and Abbe Sands

Santa Barbara Yacht Club Women’s Foundation Trust

Citlaly Santos

Rudy & Judy Santsche

Heidi Schultz

Mary Secord

George Short

Lauren Sinor

Patricia Sly

Jay and Sally Smith

Emily Smith

Jason Spievak

Wiliam J Stark III

Tanya and Chad Steenerson

Crystal and Wes Sullins

Robert Sullivan

Vince Thompson

Town and Country Women’s Club of Santa Barbara

Carol Trolinger

Christina Urmini

Merlin Wagner

Wayne R Miller Chiropractic Corporation

Bonnie Weinberg

Paul and Beverly Weiss

Brian and Gloria Wise

Darcy Wright

Crystal Wyatt

Robert Yamasaki

Hilda Zacarias

Geordie Scully-Allison

Amy Fletcher

Amy Adams

Ivan and Pam Cordero

Michael O’hara

Julie Segura

Patricia Barriga

Marisol Bonilla Smith

Kristina Denne

Katie Smith-Adair

Christy Toro-Valles

Jason Francia

Craig Hanson

Gabriel Kalohelani

Laurie and Steve McMahon

Sabrina Green

Lorine Edens

Lynda Nuernberg-Smith

Rosa Cosio

Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co.

Grocery Outlet of Santa Maria

Linda Lorenzen

Raymond Martherus

Friends at Mi Amore Pizza and Pasta

Ann Sullivan and Ed DeCaro

Stephen Thomas

Valley Auto Specialists, Inc.

Mary Lou and Marty Zuanich

Steven and Marnie Pinsker

San Luis Sports Therapy

J.L. Capritto

Brittany Maikrzek

Jose Legaspi Ledezma

Mei Ling Fry

Janice and John Baldwin

Carrie and Grey Brothers

Judi Bruskin

Charter Brokerage and Investment Company

Nancy Freeman

Marjorie Hord

Jack Hunn

Debra Kaylor

Carmela Kessler

Velma Marsalek

Lance Mason

Maria Novatt

Ernesto and Jenifer Paredes

David and Deborah Porter

Robert Price

Mark Romasanta

Claire Sheehy

Nancy Stewart

Joan Stoner

Mary Ward

Alison and William Werts

Amazon Smile

James and Amborah Klosek

Mara Lillard

Steven Munoz

Terryl Bunn

Gloria Hernandez

Troy and Kristen Rosevear

Dave Anderson

Kurt and Marion Anker

Rebecca Atkinson

Monica Babich

Jill and Arnold Bellowe

Kay Bruce

Andrew Burge

Dennis and Susan Chiavelli

Dave and Angelica Clark

Brian Coryat

Jim and Deanna Dehlsen

Colonel Clelland and Yvonne Downs

John Dwyer

Zach and Ashlynn Gordon

Michelle Horenberger

Bob and Mary Kober

Daniel Liff

Susan Montanaro

Pam and Dominick Palera

Tami Rabska

Craig and Christine Reade

Veronica Sandoval

Joanne and Joel Shefflin

April Thede

Tolman and Wiker

David Voorhies

Alyssa Wickersham

Steven and Kelly Dominguez

Mary Beth Stromberg

Margaret Kempf

Martha Beckman

Bob and Loreen Farrell

Marina Plemons

Bill and Donna Brown

Joe and Sylvia Centeno

Herbert and Shelley Cole

George and Katherine Davidson

Andrew and Adrianne Davis

Marcia Ibsen

Connie L. Kennelly

Anna Murphy

Bill Rosen

Richard and Cissy Ross

Arnie Tucker

April Sargeant

Joseph Portell

Cheri Glimp

Tristin M. Sherman

Kira and Bryce Cosio

Linda Cordero

Mary Ellen and Dan McCammon

Toyota of Santa Maria

Catherine and Adam Teixeira

Douglas and Kerry Millhorn

Stephen and Marian Cohen

Hayley Edick

Dennis Forster

Bob and Lori Frias

William and Carol Gordon

Michael and Nancy Neville

Jacqueline Santana

Joy Winer

Irina Zimina

Morgan Steffen

Kevin and Alyson Guerra

Helene Beaver

Pati Kern and Andrew Pfeffer

Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara



Our Volunteers

Tove Aase

Xiomara Abayari

Shirley Adelhelm

Renee Alexandre

Suzanne Allen De Sanchez

Catherine Alsup

Stacey Anderson

Celina Andrade

Alexis Arconian

Diana Arrieta

Rebecca Atkinson

Lisa Baldiviez

Kelly Barbieri

Chelsey Barkley

Patricia Barriga

Clare Barrios-Knox

Arely Bartolo

Elizabeth Baycroft

Sarah Alexandria Beausoleil

Jennifer Belinski

Maryalice Birk

Nicole Blankenship

Sarah Bleyl

Salina Bolden

Jenny Brice

Jonathan Bronkowski

Bari Brossard

Karen Broumand

Donna Brown

Terryl Bunn

Nancy Cabrera

Susan Cappiello

Lynn Cederquist

Lisa Champion

Rebecca Chaves

Ingrid Clara

Jessica Cohen

Shelley Cole

Jennifer Cole

Laura Collector

Elizabeth Cook

Rosa Coronado

Lisa Crane

Teri Creath

Susan Cross

Kathy Crow

Chris Cruz

Kathy Dallaire

Pete Dasis

Leslie Davis

Kim Davis

Noelle Davis

Rosalind De’Atley

Terri Deick

Kim Densmore

Monica Dettmer

Jessica Dominguez

Sintya Dominquez

Alicia Drummond

Alice Duckett

Jean Eaton

Linda Eaton

Lorine Edens

Lisa Encke

Emily Engel

Angela Ente

Carrie Esparza

Sylvia Estrada

Nicole Estrada

Forrest Evans

Mary Fahning

Mary Feragen

Shiloh Flagg


Shannen Fletcher

Frederic Foerst

Tina Follett

Lisa Franklin

Rebecca Fraser

Nancy Freeman

Lori Frias

Anne Gagne

Susan Galluzzo

Elaine Gardner

Brian Gargas

Dawne Gilchrist

Kathy Gleason

Joanne Gonzales

Sandra Gonzalez

Maria Gonzalez

Sabrina Green

Rachel Green

Miriam Guarrera

Willa Gustavson

Cynthia (Cindy) Hagerman

Dave Halpern

Tiffany Hampton

Sally Hankins

Serena Haro

Alicia Hauki

Andrea Hein

Laura Henderson

Chelsea Hewitt

Chris Hicks

Kevin Hightower

Amy Hinkens

Melanie Honeycutt

Gina Hong

Jeff Hopson

Adriana Hopson

Audrey Horstmann

Nadine Hose

Stephen Hughes

Suzanne Hull

Robyn Hutchinson

Kelsey Ibach

Eva Inbar

Kathleen Jackson

Savannah Jenner-Smith

Dawn Jimenez

Maxine Johnson

Kimberly Johnson

Michael Jones

Samantha Kane

KC Kemp

Soledad Kennedy

Marion King

Katy King

Susan Kinnevy

Grace Kirschner

Brian Klinge

Wendy Kosche-Gelinas

Melanie Krystkowiak

Heather Kunkle

Stephen Kwong

Gabriela Lafferty

Colleen Lai

Celia Lala

Colleen Lathery

Jose Legaspi Ledezma

Michele Lenaburg

Karen Lewis

Betsy Linane

Sandy Lipowski

Linda Liu

Sandra Logsdon



Yvette Lord

Beckey Maikrzek-Dasis

George Majoue

Yolanda Manfredonia

Gilbert Marquez

Judy Martin

Frances Martinez

Tatiana Martinez

Joseph Martinez

Lydia McHone

Carolyn McQuay

Patricia Merritt

Olga Mery

Manuel Mestas

Kimberly Miles

Amanda Milholland

Angela Milholland

Esther Miller

Jane Mills

Delma Mohr

Gloria Montague

Maria Montano

Judith Monte

Maylin Moore

Maria Morales

Cynthia Morr

Kathryn Moser

Erin Moses

Lisa Murray

Donna Mylott

Brittany Napier

Tim Naughton

Carol Neale

David Nigh

Lynda Nuernberg-Smith

Lauren Nylund

Gail Ocheltree

Karla Ochoa

Daniel Olivier

Sally Ostini

Kelly Owen

Adrienne Oxton

Shayna Ozer

Mary Ellen Pankratz

Dennis Pankratz

June Parr

Katie Pechersky

Isela Pena-Pena

Cassandra Pence

Jared Perry

Rebecca Petersen

Robert Phillips

Steven Pinsker

Scott Plyler

Scheryn Pratt

Herb Pregozen

Rosie Quimby

Wendy Raffetto

Cynthia Ramirez

Mayra Ramos

Obdulio Ramos

Bianca Ramos

Christine Reade

Sarah Renick

Elena Ricci

Mark Richardson

Robin Rickershauser

Patricia Riezman

Karen Riffenburgh






Andrea Rincon

Latanya Rios

Frank Ritenour

Sandy Rodarte

Paul Rodarte

Tracy Rogers

Aaron Rogers

Richard Ross

Christa Roth

Tamara Rowles

Beth Ruben

Lucy Rudat

Viridiana Ruiz

Nayeli Salinas

Manuel Sanchez Grimaldi

Paola Sandoval

Jacqueline Santana

Chloe Sarantopoulos

Thomas Scafide

Geordie Scully

Susan Shanaberger

Cassandra Sigala

Sally Smith

Tracy Smith

Stephanie Sneddon

Alexandra M. Spiess

Sally Stonefelt

Mary Beth Stromberg

Patricia (Pam) Suess

Jessica Taylor

Elizabeth Tinoco

Christy Toro-Valles

Sonia Toro-Valles

James Traphagen

Rachel Tucker

Angelica Vargas

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Gina Verkamp

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Gert Walter

Douglas Weinstein

Dana Whitted

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Sarah Wilson

April Wilson

Marcus Wilson

Kenneth Wolf

Darcy Wright

Rachel Yoder

Lisa Ziemba