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The biggest smile I’ve seen on my CASA child’s face was during her first horseback riding lesson.  That was thanks to Molly Appel Morse of A&M Ranch in Santa Ynez.

            My CASA kid loves all animals with a particular passion for horses.  That was inspired when she was a small child in her visits to friends with horses.  After joining her foster family, her foster mother took her to horse-owning friends for a riding lesson.  That rekindled her interest.

            Around the time my CASA kid and I met, Molly had offered complimentary horseback riding and general horsemanship lessons for CASA kids.  Upon learning of my CASA kid’s love of horses, I contacted Molly and we scheduled her lesson.  She loved it from the first moment and she looks forward eagerly to her lessons.  In addition to riding, she’s learning about grooming, saddling, techniques for handling horses and much more.

            Riding gives my CASA kid joy and confidence as she improves with each lesson.  It’s something all her own.  Molly is a fabulous teacher – clear, encouraging, patient and kind.  She is contributing something unique to this CASA child’s life and I am deeply grateful.

CASA Robin Rickershauser