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Board & Brush – Orcutt CA 
Board & Brush (the Orcutt location) is providing a special promotion for CASA volunteers during the month of January 2022. This is not limited to purchasing a craft to do with your youth (although – what a great opportunity, and you can use the CASA conference space in Lompoc or Santa Maria to do the craft). They are offering this special discount to thank CASA volunteers for the important work they do. So you can also order kits for your own use, or for with your friends and family!
For every “take-home” kit for $30.00, you can choose another $30.00 “take-home” kit for FREE!  This is for as many kits as you wish to order! Buy one kit, get one kit free! BOGO! 
Here is the process to order your kits: 
  • Click on the link; HERE Enter this code to enter the site: CASA22 
  • View Project Options (there are several to choose from) 
  • Find your project choices 
  • Click on the “+” sign on the design to add to your cart 
  • Make sure you also choose your “free” project too before you check out. You can order as many kits as you wish, and every kit is a “buy one, get one free!” 
  • Once you are done shopping, enter your name, email address 
  • Choose your stain you wish them to do on your board (there are 2 choices) 
  • Click on “add booking
IMPORTANT – This is where you will re-enter the discount code to get the discount – Code is CASA22 
After you have entered the discount code:
  • Click on Pay and Complete 
  • Verify that the dollar amount is correct for the kits you have chosen. 
  • Enter your credit card information and your phone # 
You will receive 2 emails, your receipt, and another telling you that you will be notified when your “take-home” kit is ready for you to pick up. They need about 48 hours to stain your wood piece and package it for pick up. 
Please disregard the part of the email that states your order will be ready on 1/31/22. This date is just a “placeholder” to get your order placed. They will email you and/or call you when your order is ready for pick up. 
Board & Brush is located in Orcutt, right next door to Pizza Bella Forno in downtown Old Orcutt.