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Being a CASA requires a collection of skill, abilities, and aptitudes.  Each case can require different skills and personalities.  However, there are 5 things all CASA’s must have to be successful.  We call them the 5 C’s of CASA Advocacy


Successful CASAs follow through on their a commitment:

  • To the mission and values of the organization
  • To the standards of the program and the court
  • To be a consistent presence for the child(ren)


CASAs must face the challenges of each case and do the right thing even when it is:

  • Scary OR Uncomfortable OR Hard


CASA must seek out knowledge and be open to possibilities.  This means:

  • A desire to really know the child
  • Withholding judgement until all the facts are in
  • Continued learning and training



CASAs must be excellent communicators.  This includes:

  • Building rapport with all parties
  • Maintaining regular communication with the Advocate Supervisor
  • Communicating professionally and with confidentiality


ourt Report  

Working with an Advocate Supervisor, the CASA tells the child’s story and needs through the court report:

  • Accurately
  • Professionally
  • On time


The 5 C’s help CASA’s to give a child a